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BSCC Children´s Ministry

Jesus, invited them: “Let the little children come to Me, and don’t stop them, because the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. 17 I assure you: Whoever does not welcome the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”
—Matthew 18:16–17

We Love Children

Blue Starr Children's Ministry

At Blue Starr Church of Christ, our Bible class teachers do not view time with our children as baby-sitting. We are serious about teaching the Word of God. We seek to partner with parents to provide a solid Christian education for our children. Our goal is to teach age appropriate, creative and engaging lessons that impart solid Biblical truths. Our mission is to guide children to know God, love God, understand His plan and share Jesus. In addition, we seek to foster a family environment in which children can forge Christian friendships and participate in fellowship and service activities. Our children are precious in God’s sight and in our own. We provide classes for the following ages:

Twinkling Starrs — 6 months to 24 months

Blue Starr Church of Christ - Twinkling Starrs

God made babies to learn, learn, learn and at Blue Starr Church of Christ we are anxious to begin teaching! As soon as your baby can sit in a support chair (around six months) he/she is ready for Bible class! Using a variety of sensory approaches, we utilize visual, tactile, and auditory methods to teach about God’s awesome world. We offer two baby classes, ages 6-14 months and ages 14-24 months. We welcome each new addition and are joyous whenever a new Starr is born!

Shooting Starrs — 2 to 5 years

Blue Starr Church of Christ - Shooting Starrs

Children between the ages of two and five years are growing so far! At Blue Starr Church of Christ, we aim to make God a central part of each child’s new knowledge, growth and lives. Our teachers understand that children at this age learn best through guided play and repetition. We offer active and engaging classes for two’s, three’s and pre-school (four’s and five’s). At this age we focus on God’s love. By the time the child has completed this stage of our education program, he/she will have been taught an overview of the Bible through major stories.

All Starrs — K through 6 grade

Blue Starr Church of Christ Children's Ministry - All Starrs

Before you know it, your child is attending school, making new friends and becoming his/her own little person. At Blue Starr Church of Christ we seek to prepare each child for a lifelong walk with Jesus Christ. Our goal is to aid them in establishing a relationship with God through love, faith and prayer. We provide our All Starr teach (ages K-6th grades) with a solid foundation of Biblical knowledge using current and creative teaching methods (we even have a computer lab!). During these educational years, we teach the entire Bible in an in-depth chronological study. Enabling Christian friendships and providing positive role models are also priorities at this age.

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