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We’re always looking for people interested in helping with a worldwide Bible correspondence course.

World Bible School (WBS) is a program by which you may share the Gospel of Jesus with a student who has specifically expressed an interest in studying God’s Word via a correspondence course or via email. Hence, WBS takes a pen pal approach to sharing the Gospel: you, as the teacher, send a Bible lesson through the mail or email to an individual who completes the lesson and returns it to you for grading; you grade the lesson and return it along with the next lesson in sequence for the student to complete; this process is continued until all lessons have been completed in turn. Through the lessons, the student learns of God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ directly from God’s Word, the Bible, and is given an opportunity to commit his/her life to Jesus and become an active part of the Lord’s Church in his/her community.

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Students Around the World

Students from a host of foreign countries are waiting right now for a teacher to be assigned to them so that they may be taught God’s Word. All materials for the course have already been prepared and are available for immediate use. The correspondence course is provided free of charge to the students and no cost is incurred by the teachers other than the time spent in corresponding with students and in praying for them. Please consider serving as a WBS teacher.

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Getting Started

It is very easy to be a WBS teacher. Blue Starr Church of Christ missions program provides all the necessary materials for the teacher, including lesson pamphlets, mailing envelopes, and grading keys. The missions program also takes care of the postage and handling. Teachers incur no costs for participating in WBS.

The only qualification required of a WBS teacher is the desire to share Jesus with those who have already expressed an interest in studying God’s Word. A teacher can devote whatever time he/she feels is manageable. There is no pressure to take on more students than the teacher wants to handle, there are no regular meetings, and no trips to the post office are required. Each teacher works in a pen pal fashion with as many students as desired.

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Encouragement from Africa

I would like for you to meet Joy. She is a young wife that lives with her husband in Nigeria.

Joy has several brothers and sisters and attended a non-bible believing church with her parents most of her life. When she went to college she found a group of born again Christians called the Scripture Union. She lacked the foundations of Christianity because the church she grew up in never used the Bible and there was never a copy of God’s word within her home. Her and her friends wanted nothing to do with the people in the Union and felt that they would just ruin the fun they were having. Great sport was had in making fun of this group and calling them terrible names. They could see amazing changes in the people after they joined the Union Christians and it was frightening.

After a time, Joy became friends with one of her teachers. This teacher was a member of the Union group and kept talking to Joy about Christ and what Christianity was about. Joy finally agreed to attend a weeklong conference with the group. She was given a Bible and that’s where her life began to change. Joy tells me, “I kept the Bible under my pillow and went to sleep. I don’t know how to pray so I went to bed.”

God speaks to His children in many ways and that night Joy had a series of dreams that warned her about Hell’s fire and what can happen without Christ in your life. She was very frightened and spoke to her teacher at the conference about it and he introduced her to Jesus Christ. She has been seeking to know Him more and more ever since.

After the conference she felt she had come back to a strange world. The church she attended with her parents didn’t seem whole and she started to pray for God to guide her to a place she could worship in Spirit and in Truth. After that there was a name that kept popping into her mind but she had no idea what it was. One faithful Sunday she left her village determined she was going to find a place she could worship. While on a bus heading into the city she meet a girl she recognized from the Christian conference she had attended. She asked her where she was going and the girl told her she was going to worship at a certain church congregation. The name of this congregation was the same one that had been popping into her head. She knew she had to attend with her. She knew she was in the right place.

She got involved in the new convert class and was baptized. Because of her family’s convictions she had to attend in secrecy. It wasn’t long before her family found out. Her parents told her that she had to choose between them or the Bible. She chose the Bible and was then shunned by her family. They told her they were no longer responsible for her clothing, or education and she could not sit with them at meals because the Born Again Christians had bewitched her.

Joy’s story of being outcast is a familiar one in that part of our world. Fortunately, she continued to live in the light of our Savior and her deep desire to know Him better is what lead her to World Bible School. A friend sent a link to the website to her and in her words, “It has been great teaching and am encouraged each time I read through the studies.”

Joy and her husband still live in Lagos and are born again Christians. They are active in their church congregation and continue to reach out to Joy’s parents in hope of someday watching their conversion by God’s Holy Spirit.

As the world continues to be more technologically advanced, we have to develop ways of using it for God’s purposes. World Bible School recognizes this and is making great strides in developing ways to reach the modern world. The internet is just one way that is proving to accomplish this. I would ask you to pray along with me that God continues to give us innovative ways to touch a lost world.